What A Weekend

So I managed to get my hair cut/coloured on Saturday morning. I think we worked out it was almost 4 months since last time, and John looked after Kirsten whilst I was out. She slept well as John had taken her out for a walk in the morning as we’d called the landscapers in to help with some tidying up in the back yard. They will be finishing off on Tuesday afternoon.

Saturday evening we went to Desert Ridge as CBS 5 was hosting a Safety Event. Kirsten had great fun sitting in the fire truck. She wanted to try out the SWAT van too, but it was full of kids so there wasn’t room.

Sunday morning I took Kirsten out for a walk and John went out for a bike ride. On our return I let Kirsten play with her water table and when John got back he took her out in the pool. She slept well during her nap and apparently John actually had to wake her. I spent the afternoon at Amy Hannah’s babyshower. Baby No. 2, Heidi, is due in the next couple of weeks. For those of you who may not remember we met Amy and Jeremy Hannah at pre-natal classes when Amy was expecting Alex. He will be 2 next week.

Well I’ve left Kirsten in the other room watching Sprout TV for long enough while I’ve backed up my computer and balanced the accounts so I had better get on with something useful for the day now. Sorry for sharing but I suspect Kirsten also needs sharing – Have a great week.


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