Weight Loss

Some of you will know, others of you will be finding, out that I am back to trying to lose my excess baby weight.  I received a telling off when I had my annual check-up last November that I hadn’t lost it and so finally May 1 I decided I had better knuckle down once and for all.  As of this week I have lost 8lbs and am back down to 175lbs.  I would like to reach 161lbs which is actually less than pre-pregnancy.  Having tried a number of methods including WeightWatchers I have discovered that my original method is the best one.  Where as the first time round (when we arrived in the USA) I used a program that I could use with John’s Palm Pilot, this time around I have purchased an app (well it was free) for my ipod Touch called “Lose It”.  I let it know my current weight, goal weight and how many lbs I would like to lose a week, then it calculates how many calories I am permitted to eat a day.  Information on everything I eat needs to be input, which does mean a lot of writing and making sure I have nutritional values on food…but it works for me.  Once I have eaten something once the nutritional information is in the program so it doesn’t need to be re-input.  It also means that every time I exercise (every last little walk) I wear my heart rate monitor so that I can also log the calories out.  Those are the days, of course, that I can also eat a little more.  Even with Kirsten’s birthday last weekend and all the cakes I baked I have managed to stay on track.  Those little obstacles such as eating out may make it take that bit longer and I may only lose 1lb in a week but I’m still in the right direction.  When Nora and Steve visited us last September/October I was still at 194lbs.  At least I feel I’m trying.  I’m never going to be a model but I’m trying to make the best of what I have.


2 Responses to Weight Loss

  1. Debra says:

    I know you’re inspiring Bryan. He’s committed to cutting calories and exercising more. I think that’s the key!

    • I’m so glad that I’ve inspired someone. I thought that by at least putting it out there it will also make me more accountable. I don’t want to embarrass myself.

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