Goings On In The Wilcox Household

February 23, 2009

So you should all be aware now that we are coming over for a visit. We arrive in England on 21 March and will be staying with John’s parents in Worthing for the first week.  We will drive across to Sigrid’s parents in Swindon on Friday 27 March and stay there until we leave on Tuesday 7 April.  The time is coming around fast and so much is going on here.

We received word on 13 February that our Greencards have been approved.  John’s actually arrived on Saturday 21 February but no sign of Sigrid’s as yet.  Of course Kirsten is an American citizen so she won’t be receiving anything anyway.  It has taken us 6 years since we sent in our original application but it is a big weight that has been lifted off our shoulders.

John prepares to take part in his 4th Tour de Cure on Saturday 14 March.  This year he is doing the longest ride – the metric century.  I’m sure he’ll manage it.  He and his friend Steve did 45 miles on Saturday.  They’ve still got another 2 weeks to prepare.  We are both also trying to get into running and participated in a 5k on February 14th.  Sigrid had the flu, but completed it in under 43 minutes and that included pushing Kirsten in her pushchair.

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