The Greatest Loser – Weeks 3 to 5

November 18, 2008

Time is going so quickly and I have to apologize for not updating sooner.  Week 3 we got back into fourth place and week 4 we were in 2nd place although only just.  We’re still to see the result of week 5 and now we have just started week 6.  Week 3 saw the second challenge which was called “Balls of Fury” and was a relay race worked in pairs across the width of the basketball court.  I ended up going twice as only 2 members of our team were there and we only managed to get one sub (another member of staff).  Last night was the third challenge called “ICC” (Individual Cardio Challenge).  This was meant that provided each person of your team turned up you would only take one stint on one machine.  The team should complete a 5 minute stint on 4 separate machines:  the arc trainer (a form of elliptical); stairmaster; treadmill and the espresso bike.  Apparently the espresso bike is some sort of bike with a game on it.  Kim (our team leader) did this one as she is a spinning instructor and we know that she got the highest score.  I did the treadmill which was run as far as you could in 5 minutes with the treadmill at a level of 5.0.  I managed 0.34 miles.  I was proud of that especially as I’m not a runner.  Jennifer went on the stairmaster which was a matter of climbing as many floors as possible in 5 minutes; and I then did the arc trainer for 5 minutes.  Although Chris had signed in he is the Membership Director at the club so he had to run back and supervise an event.  The arc trainer I think was at a level 5 and a resistence 10 although I’m not sure and I think I managed 0.23 miles total.  Tonight we have another lecture although it won’t be nutritional but apparently about the benefits of massage.

My points have been:  week 3 – 111.5; week 4 – 132; week 5 – 108.  This week I’ll hopefully get back on track with my points and the rest of the team are hoping to too so that we can get our footing back in the ladder so to speak.  I have been working out about 3 times a week although this week will be 4 including 2 x kinesis class; 1 x personal training session and 1 x spinning class.  I finally saw the scales drop this week – 5 weeks it is definitely about time.  I’m hoping that my body fat is reducing but I won’t know until December 8th.

I’ll try to keep you more updated.