Update – Halfway Through First Week

So a number of you have ben asking how I was doing.  So far I’ve managed to snack through the day until today.  I had the Mum’s Group over and so forgot to eat my mid-morning snack.  I have managed to get out and walk for 35 minutes with Kirsten on Tuesday, Wednesday and this morning and we also got out yesterday afternoon.  This afternoon Kirsten is booked into childcare at the gym from 3 – 5.30 pm and I have booked myself into a 30 minute Kinesis class at 4pm.  This isn’t one of the classes that has been set up for the competition but I thought would be a good one to get in on and try, plus it is one of the only classes in the afternoons.  This means that I will get about 45 minutes to do cardio before the class.  On our way home I will then stop off for my weekly weigh-in at Weightwatchers.  It will be a good weight loss over last week because of the stomach flu I had over the weekend.

I don’t think I’d mentioned that when I had my official weigh in for the competition on Monday.  This week’s weight loss will be difficult because of having the stomach flu, but if I can remain at the weight I was after the flu rather than gaining the water weight back I’ll be happy.  I’ll update tomorrow and let you know what Weightwatchers weighs me in as.  Don’t be surprised if it’s different to that of the gym!!!


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