August 10, 2008

So Nora and Steve arrive in just over 4 weeks and in that time John and I are having 4 days in Vegas.  John left this morning and Kirsten and I are driving across to meet him on Wednesday.  We are then having 4 days up in a cabin in Greer over Labor Day weekend (30 August – 3 September).  Sigrid’s Mum is booked to come out around 13 November – 2 December and John’s parents are arriving on 4 – 22 December.  Christmas is quiet and then, although he hasn’t as yet booked, Sigrid’s oldest brother, Magnus, will be coming out to visit us for the first time in January.  He’s just signed up to run the PF Changs marathon that 2nd week of January.  He’s got guts – we’ll give him that.  That’s it for the moment, but it will certainly keep us on our toes.

Kirsten is getting very close to walking.  She is now taking those first couple of steps – you know, 1, 2, 3 although if it looks as though it requires more than that she gets down and crawls.  You can’t blame her.  We’ll let you know as soon as she’s running around.  It won’t be long now. 

Her hair is thickening out and can you believe it starting to curl!!  Not sure where the curls come from as John and I both have extremely straight hair, but there you go.