Kirsten 11 Months

May 7, 2008

Wow.  The time is just going by so quickly.  Kirsten is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on everything too.  No rest for the wicked.  We weighed and measured her at 11 months as we’ve done since she was born.  She gained no weight during the month due to having started crawing and her gastroenteritus so remains at 19lb 10oz (8.90 kilos).  She did have another growth spurt though and is now about 30 inches (76.2 cm).  We continue to have the problem with clothing in that she is tall and skinny.  She is now in 18 month clothing to provide the length although on the occasions I put her in a dress then it’s not a problem if it’s a little shorter as long as she has some bloomers on.  Check out the album of 11 month photos on the Shutterfly link!

What else is going on?  Last week we had the grass removed from the back garden.  John and I decided it took too much time to maintain in that you have to cut it weekly, water it daily and there are so many bugs in the grass it’s not a play area at all.  Instead we have put down artificial grass and have already used the area more than in the entire 5.5 years we have already spent in the house.  I’m in the process of adding pictures to Shutterfly so that you can see before, during and after.  Also I’ve got to include some pictures of my new car and license plate.  Most of you know that we always have personalised plates and to date had kept to a theme.  With our 2 new cars we are now diverting from that theme.  Pictures to follow shortly.