Onwards and Upwards

Conrad and MC have just been out to visit us for 10 days and during that time Kirsten learn’t to climb the stairs.  Not just the 3 we have between the family room and the kitchen, but John decided to see how far she would go – yes, all the way to the top by our bedroom.  While I write this she is trying to get into every little thing in the office.  I need a set of eyes in the back of my head.

What else has gone on since the last update?  I feel like it has been a constant battle with sickness.  We have all had flu had different times.  It started with John, then Kirsten had a cold/cough and then I had the flu.  John then had a fever for a weekend again followed by Kirsten with gastroenteritus and then to myself and John both having stomach flu.

This week we had our grass taken out and artificial turf laid in our back garden.   The grass itself here takes so much maintenance and water which Phoenix does have a lack of, and the grass has so many bugs in that you get bitten a lot that we decided to take it out and give Kirsten a nice play area.  It’s amazing.  I’ll make sure that I include some pictures on Shutterfly for you all to link to in the next couple of days.  Sorry to keep this short and sweet, but Kirsten is causing too much trouble.


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