March 2008

Well we hit a major milestone.  Kirsten started crawling on Wednesday March 26.  To start with it was a few hesitant “steps” and to prove to Daddy I wasn’t making it up I had to use treats.  Within a couple of days I now can’t keep my eyes off of her and she’s having to learn the word “no”.  So far we’ve had magazines out from under the coffee table, and the lamp in the lamp in the living room has been pulled down twice.

I got my new car on Thursday 27th March.  It was a little earlier than planned, but I certainly got what I wanted and such a good deal too.  This link should take you to see it, but I now have a 2008 Honda Odyssey Touring in Nimbus Grey Metallic with Olive Green leather interior and all the other bells and whistles too.  This means we’re currently dealing with 4 cars, but John’s blue S4 is returned in about 6 weeks (end of May) and the 4Runner that I was driving is to be returned at the start of July.

So what are Kirsten’s statistics for 10 months.  She hasn’t grown any more and is still 29 or so inches but her weight is now 19 lbs 9 oz (approximately 8.88 kilos).  I think her first teeth are finally giving that final push through so she has a horrible cold and cough.  John’s allergies have come out as it is hayfever season and as of last night I think I’ve also started a cold – oh well what can you do.

Have a great month everyone.


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