Attention Please – Links to Pictures

February 25, 2008

All this is just a short update, but I wanted to bring to your attention that if you look to the righthand side you will see a small heading called photos.  Under this heading is 2 links.  One will take you to the Kiddie Kandids website where you will find that pictures of Kirsten that have been professionally taken – these are currently for 1 month; 4 months and 6 months.  She is booked in to take 9 month pictures in 10 days time.  The other link is to Shutterfly to find all the albums of pictures of Kirsten.  Hopefully you’ll find this works.  If it doesn’t let us know.

You will also see a heading above it called “blogroll”.  You will see a link to Bryan and Debra.  Bryan works with John and Bryan and Debra are getting married on March 15.  We would like to wish them all the best.  We will be attending the nuptials after John takes part in the sponsored bike ride in the morning.