Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2008 is kind to you all.  So have you all set your New Year’s Resolutions?  Mine is to lose the baby weight so at least 20 lbs, but if possible closer to 30 lbs.  We’ll see how I go.

 John’s parents spent Christmas with us and this was their first time of meeting their Granddaughter.  I’m not sure who was spoilt the most.  The grandparents with all their cuddles or Kirsten with the fact that she was never put down.  She certainly didn’t do badly for Christmas presents either  Kirsten with Grandma Ann and Grandpa Bill

Kirsten has reached 7 months and has started teething so is suffering somewhat, but I think all in all is coping really well.  The dogs continue to keep an eye on the goings on.  Mohawk has realised very quickly that scraps are starting to appear under Kirsten’s seat at meal times as she comes to grips with using her hands to eat Farley’s rusks.  It’s slightly messy, but as we said we have a hairy hoover.

I’ll have to update again in a couple of days, but for now this is it as Kirsten has woken up.


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