Where’s Autumn?

November 13, 2007

Another month has almost come and gone. We’re still waiting to get cooler temperatures as Phoenix keeps setting record highs. Kirsten has gone through a growth spurt and at not even 5.5 months has outgrown her 3-6 month clothing, and we discovered if we wanted her next set of clothes to last more than a few weeks it wasn’t even worth investing in 6-9 month so we’ve gone direct to 9-12 month clothing. It’s a little long on her, but if she grows like she did last month (almost 2 inches) it will soon fit.

We’ve celebrated Halloween since last updating the blog and Kirsten was the only one to dress up. She also learnt to roll from her front to her back on Halloween although at the moment it is a little hit and miss and she’s also fairly lazy so if she screams loud enough and long enough Mum is going to turn her the right way round. She moves around by doing a caterpillar crawl on her back and has become best friends with Mohawk who constantly washes her hands in between me wiping them clean again.

Our next set of guests arrive on November 28 – December 3. Anne and her daughter, Margrethe are coming over from Norway. Anne is Sigrid’s mother’s best friend since childhood. John’s parents then arrive with us on 13 December and stay through until New Year’s Eve. We also received word the other day that Conrad and MC have already booked their trip for next year and will be coming out a few weeks later than they have for the last couple of years. As usual we continue to keep ourselves busy.