Mentioning No Names

So mentioning no names I’ve been nagged that as I have a couple of extra sets of hands currently with me maybe I can add a few extra posts. Well despite the extra hands Kirsten is currently sat on the desk next to me in her baby bouncer seeing how hard she can kick – trust me I have no wish to get in her way at the moment.

It’s John’s 40th birthday tomorrow, and I pulled off a surprise party for him last Saturday evening. There were about 40 guests in total so I was really pleased with the turnout and Kirsten was as good as gold all weekend. The extra surprise for John was that my best friend, Kerry and her boyfriend, Mark had both flown out on the Friday so that they could attend the party. They stayed with us on Sunday night before going off on a road trip on Monday for 2 weeks. I’d also booked the Monday off work for John knowing that we would all be exhausted after a sociable weekend.

Kirsten has spent the last 10 days learning to be picked up and handled by other people as up till now she’s been somewhat of a “Mummy’s Girl”. She’s getting there. Tomorrow night John and I are going out for dinner on our own to celebrate so we’ll see how it goes leaving her with Nanny and Grampy.

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