2 Months’

Time seems to go by so quickly. Kirsten hit 2 months old on 30 July. John was out of town at the annual Infosol Conference, and we survived the worst monsoon storm that we’ve seen in Phoenix since arriving a little over 6 years ago. Kirsten has survived and finished with colic now we’re having some constipation issues which included a trip to the ER at the end of the monsoon storm in the early hours of 31 July/1 August.

We’re now preparing ourselves for guests. John’s sister and her husband (Karen and Guy) arrive on Saturday 25 August and stay until Friday 7 September and then my parents (Ross and Anne-Lise) arrive on Monday 10 September and stay until 1 October. You are all aware that my Mum was here for the first 4.5 weeks of Kirsten’s life, but my Dad is coming out to bond. John’s parents are then spending Christmas with us, arriving on December 9 and leaving December 31.


One Response to 2 Months’

  1. francesjt says:


    glad to hear youve made it through the colic ok. I know what you mean about the time flying by – Jack will be 4 in december and Harry turned 2 on friday.

    She is a beautiful baby you both must be very proud.

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