37 Weeks

Wow. We’ve made it to 37 weeks (yesterday, Saturday), but only Just. Friday we came very close and I had to make a trip to the hospital to be monitored for an hour. On Friday I felt like a bit of a fraud, but by yesterday I was glad I’d done what I’d done. There was very little movement on Friday from baby so at 10am I called my doctor and at 11am they asked me to go to the hospital for a non-stress test. Janet took me down and Lisa met us there. I’d told John to stay at work until we knew what was happening. It turned out I was slightly dehydrated and also got a lecture on taking it easy and was sent home. Yesterday morning baby was kicking continuously from 6am.

The temperatures here have skyrocketed and we’ve jumped up to around 105 F which is about 40C. John and I actually used the pool yesterday (that is ours not the one at our club) as it had reached about 76F (24C) and was beautiful. The next couple of weeks is about taking it easy and resting up until our daughter is good and ready to arrive.

Thanks for all your well wishes.


2 Responses to 37 Weeks

  1. francesjt says:

    good to see you looking so well – take it easy and I look forward to seeing the new arrival, my sympathies with you regarding the heat – having Harry here last August was bad enough, just sat around with the fan on! love to you both, Frances, Tim Jack and Harry xx

  2. tatianamazzotta says:

    hallo Sigrid,
    how do you do today?I hope everything is going well, take it easy this last period , pool and no-stress…here we are going very well, the ice-bar is running well, we are tired but the business is good.We are waiting the summer, hopefully full of sun and warm
    take care
    big hug

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