Final Countdown – Week 36

So it’s 32 days until d-day and as John and I are fully aware anything could happen at any time although we hope to make it to at least 37 weeks. We’ve got 3 more prenatal classes to attend at the hospital: Infant CPR (both of us); breastfeeding (Sigrid); sneak peak (Sigrid, but possibly both). Before you ask “Sneak Peak is a newborn care class that gives expectant parents a peek at the reality of life with a newborn. Learn about the joys and challenges of early parenting and resources to help you cope. This class will teach you the basics of baby care including diapering, bathing and calming a fussy baby.”

The temperatures have really started to climb here so the air conditioning has gone on earlier than normal as I can’t cope with it. We went to the club on Sunday so that I could feel the weightlessness in the pool. Our pool is still a little on the cool side. We also went out to dinner at some friends on Saturday evening. We met Amy and Jeremy at our first prenatal class. Amy is due a month after Sigrid. I’ve attached a picture so that you can see comparison. I’m exactly at 35 weeks when it was taken.
I’m not sure we’re ready, but then again I’m not sure we’ll ever be ready…

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