Checking Out The Hospital

John and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. We didn’t do much, but Lisa and Frank Tizard had invited us over for dinner in the evening and we had a wonderful relaxing time. Lisa thank you for a lovely dinner.

So Monday night John and I had a tour of the facilities at Scottsdale Shea Hospital where I will be having the baby in just over 6 weeks. It’s more like a 5-star hotel than a hospital and the staff are so friendly and helpful I have no fears on that front. It’s just the giving birth. On Tuesday morning I met with the pediatrician. He had been recommended to me by Lisa T, but I decided it would be nice to meet him prior to him coming to the hospital. He is a lovely man and I’m really pleased that Lisa suggested him.

The nursery is coming along well. All the clothes/bedding/blankets have been washed and I’ve almost finished putting things away. My case is almost packed as I bought the last items this week and there are a few more odds and ends, but otherwise I think I’m almost there. Ma has now booked her flight out and she arrives in Phoenix on 31 May and leaves again on 2 July. I don’t think even I can imagine what a godsend it is going to be to have her here. Based on the amount of work that Nora and Conrad did whilst here and I didn’t even have a baby at that point…

I’m still selling Avon and working on the Board of the HOA. We have a meeting next week and I’ve a newsletter due out. The air conditioning was serviced this week and so was the pool filter. I’m just trying to be as prepared for the Summer as I can be. Today was a treat from John. I had a deluxe manicure and pedicure (which involved a paraffin treatment). This was part of my birthday present from him.

Sorry it’s quite a boring post, but I’m just trying to keep you all informed of the goings on in my life.


One Response to Checking Out The Hospital

  1. tatianamazzotta says:

    Hello Sigrid, it’s not boring at all to have fresh news about you, I opened the blog several times this week becouse I wanted to read that, I’m so happy to hear that all is going well..
    take care
    big hug

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