Final Countdown – Week 36

April 30, 2007

So it’s 32 days until d-day and as John and I are fully aware anything could happen at any time although we hope to make it to at least 37 weeks. We’ve got 3 more prenatal classes to attend at the hospital: Infant CPR (both of us); breastfeeding (Sigrid); sneak peak (Sigrid, but possibly both). Before you ask “Sneak Peak is a newborn care class that gives expectant parents a peek at the reality of life with a newborn. Learn about the joys and challenges of early parenting and resources to help you cope. This class will teach you the basics of baby care including diapering, bathing and calming a fussy baby.”

The temperatures have really started to climb here so the air conditioning has gone on earlier than normal as I can’t cope with it. We went to the club on Sunday so that I could feel the weightlessness in the pool. Our pool is still a little on the cool side. We also went out to dinner at some friends on Saturday evening. We met Amy and Jeremy at our first prenatal class. Amy is due a month after Sigrid. I’ve attached a picture so that you can see comparison. I’m exactly at 35 weeks when it was taken.
I’m not sure we’re ready, but then again I’m not sure we’ll ever be ready…

Checking Out The Hospital

April 20, 2007

John and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. We didn’t do much, but Lisa and Frank Tizard had invited us over for dinner in the evening and we had a wonderful relaxing time. Lisa thank you for a lovely dinner.

So Monday night John and I had a tour of the facilities at Scottsdale Shea Hospital where I will be having the baby in just over 6 weeks. It’s more like a 5-star hotel than a hospital and the staff are so friendly and helpful I have no fears on that front. It’s just the giving birth. On Tuesday morning I met with the pediatrician. He had been recommended to me by Lisa T, but I decided it would be nice to meet him prior to him coming to the hospital. He is a lovely man and I’m really pleased that Lisa suggested him.

The nursery is coming along well. All the clothes/bedding/blankets have been washed and I’ve almost finished putting things away. My case is almost packed as I bought the last items this week and there are a few more odds and ends, but otherwise I think I’m almost there. Ma has now booked her flight out and she arrives in Phoenix on 31 May and leaves again on 2 July. I don’t think even I can imagine what a godsend it is going to be to have her here. Based on the amount of work that Nora and Conrad did whilst here and I didn’t even have a baby at that point…

I’m still selling Avon and working on the Board of the HOA. We have a meeting next week and I’ve a newsletter due out. The air conditioning was serviced this week and so was the pool filter. I’m just trying to be as prepared for the Summer as I can be. Today was a treat from John. I had a deluxe manicure and pedicure (which involved a paraffin treatment). This was part of my birthday present from him.

Sorry it’s quite a boring post, but I’m just trying to keep you all informed of the goings on in my life.

Back To Being On Our Own

April 10, 2007

Well our guests all left last night. We’ve had a wonderful time with Nora, Conrad and MC and they’ve really helped me around the home and garden too. I’ve got my next check-up at the doctor this afternoon, and now we’re really getting into count-down mode (7.5 weeks till due date)! A number of you emailed me and said why no photos of me and my belly so here you all are.
The picture of me in red was taken on Valentine’s Day when I was about 24.5 weeks, and the picture of me wearing green was taken on Sunday evening at 32 weeks. I am about 15lb heavier than the day I actually found out I was pregnant, but if you include the fact that I then lost 10lbs with morning sickness I’ve actually gained about 25lbs.

Check-up with Doctor and update

April 4, 2007

Some of you will be aware that I had a check-up at the doctors yesterday afternoon (April 3rd). She had the results of my tests back already and I was negative for Gestational Diabetes which is good to know. Everything else was normal and I had only gained 1.3lbs in the last 3 weeks so she was over the moon as at my last check-up 3 weeks ago I’d gained 6lbs in 3 weeks and got a telling off. I told her it was all down to Nora’s cooking so she asked if there was any way that Nora could stay on for the remainder of my pregnancy – unfortunately not although we all wish the same!

Conrad and MC have spent the last 2 days touring. The drove up to the Grand Canyon on Monday where they camped overnight. They borrowed a tent from us that Conrad had practised putting up in the garden a couple of times and then yesterday (Tuesday) they carried on up to the Monument Valley where they were staying in a hotel. They are due back some point later today.

What A Week

April 1, 2007

Wednesday I received a call telling me that my glucose tolerance test that I took at 28 weeks to check for gestational diabetes had come back borderline so I needed to take a 3-hour test. I spent Thursday morning at the lab donating time and blood having fasted. Now I just need to await the results. I was also informed that I’m suffering from anemia so now I’m taking “horse” tablets to help with that.

Friday was my birthday. I got up to find my husband and siblings had decorated the kitchen with banners and balloons and organised that John would go to work late. Conrad and MC had been to Safeway the day before and bought waffles, strawberries and fresh croissants. I was certainly spoilt. I did very little during the day, just a little gardening. Thank you to everyone for their beautiful selection of gifts. I’d said I didn’t want to go out for dinner so Nora cooked us roast beef, yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes followed by cheesecake. I don’t think anyone could eat anything else by the end.

Saturday – well it was laundry day, but around 1.30pm having just cooked my cheese on toast, my neighbour, Sheree, called to tell me she had an emergency and needed my help there and then and could I just pop over. I put the cheese on toast down and walked over. She told me that everyone was mad so I would have to go in first. Opened the front door and there was an amazing selection of my friends. Yup they’d organised a surprise Baby Shower. You’ll all be glad to know that I was at a loss for words, but I will never believe a word again from Lisa, Janet, Sheree and Joy. I’ve discovered that they can all lie so easily. I’m going to be spending the next week going through all the gifts that we’ve received and writing thank you notes to everyone. For those of you who participated….THANK YOU